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A Monoline EPLI Policy Exclusively for Our Members
Small businesses are at a greater risk for financial ruin by an Employment Practices Lawsuit. One claim could be devastating to all you've built. An EPLI endorsement to a GL or even an E&O policy likely doesn't provide the coverage you might anticipate. Coverages that are often missing with an endorsement include third party, hour and wage defense and other critical coverages.
Partner Program Features
We partnered with Philadelphia Insurance to exclusively offer their Employment Practices policy to our members. This coverage provides companies with up to 4,000 employees with comprehensive employment liability solutions. For this exclusive policy, premium starts at $500. Features include:


  • Third Party Liability coverage built into the form
  • Provides coverage for the entity as well as employees including part time, leased, seasonal, temporary and volunteers
  • Optional Duty to Defend Provision- insured can choose defense counsel or tender the defense to the underwriter
  • Most favorable venue wording for punitive, multiple or exemplary damages
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Free Claims Assistance Hotline (2 hours per incident)

For more information, email Trisha at trisha@iiaw.com