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Legal Services 

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What is the Big "I" Legal Services Hotline?

The IIAW's General Counsel is Josh Johanningmeier (pictured at left). The Association frequently receives member inquiries seeking advice that requires legal counsel. In many instances, the questions can be answered quickly by Josh and the experienced legal team at Godfrey & Kahn.


The Association believes that extending Hotline Legal Services—through Godfrey & Kahn on a limited basis and at no cost to member agencies, is a valuable addition to the extensive services available to Big "I" members.




Hotline Legal Services are available to all current Association member agencies at no charge, subject to the general guidelines listed in the brochure below and limited to 15 minutes.



Service Limitations

Hotline Legal Services is restricted exclusively to insurance or agency operations questions. The service is not available for personal legal questions.



How Do Members Use This Service?

There are two ways to access Hotline Legal Services—telephone and e-mail. Whichever method you choose, you will receive a response within one business day, if not immediately.



Toll-Free Telephone: 877-236-1669



Whether you contact Godfrey & Kahn by e-mail or telephone, you will need to:

• Identify yourself as an IIAW member seeking Hotline Legal Services

• Provide the name if your agency so that eligibility can be verified

 Give the general nature of your question, so that an appropriate attorney can consult with you


If the attorney who will be counseling the member is unavailable when the call is received, the call will be returned to the agency within one business day.



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