Errors & Omissions Claims
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Errors & Omissions Claims

Swiss Re Claims Reporting
The Swiss Re insurance agents E&O policy requires that insureds report “claims” and/or “potential claims” “as soon as practicable”. The earlier a claim is reported and Swiss Re is involved, the more likely it will be resolved quickly. In fact, since the Swiss Re policy is a claims made policy, it is to the insured’s benefit to report any and all claims/potential claims to insure that they are timely reported within the policy period.
To report a claim over the phone, please call  1-800-241-3470 .

Download Westport/Swiss Re Claim Form

What To Do When It Happens To You
  • Do not admit liability—to the insured or the insured’s insurance company
  • Be empathetic, BUT choose your words very carefully
  • Do not discuss or provide copies of your E&O policy to anyone
  • Do not offer to pay the claim yourself - even small amounts! (contact Swiss Re for assistance on paying claims yourself)
  • Do not agree to give a deposition or provide a statement, even to the customer’s insurance company.
  • Involve your E&O Improvement Specialist, or other appropriate agency personnel, and appoint a person who will be the agency’s sole point of contact for all matters related to the claim
  • Interview every person involved in the claim—and remember it’s not about the “who”, it’s about the what, when, where, and how
  • Have each person involved in the situation write a narrative describing the incident and check the customer’s file to determine the chronology of events
  • Forward all documentation to your E&O carrier
  • Cooperate fully with your E&O carrier
What Does a "Claim" Mean

A claim means one of three things: 

  • That an "insured" has received a summons, a subpoena, or any other notice of legal process;
  • That an "insured" has received notice of any SUIT; or
  • That an "insured" has received notice of a written demand, or a written demand for money or services.
What Does a "Potential Claim" Mean?

A "potential claim" means that an "insured" has become aware of a proceeding, event, or development, which could in the future result in the institution of a "claim" against an "insured".

Will Reporting a Potential Claim or Claim Forfeit Future Deductible Waiver Option Use?

No. The Deductible Waiver Feature is not related to the number of potential claims or claims reported