Online Prelicensing with ExamFX
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Online Prelicensing

Online Prelicensing with ExamFX

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Online education helps everyone learn.

When the traditional classroom setting is not an option for you, ExamFX's online program provides learners the opportunity to work at their own pace in a style that best fits their needs. ExamFX educational tools include simulated exams, interactive exercises and video.

ExamFX Customer Service.
Unlike other companies, ExamFX is committed to excellent customer service. Their employees are cross-trained so they can address all kinds of questions. ExamFX has people available six days a week and during evening hours. 

ExamFX Guarantee.
ExamFX guarantees each student will pass his or her exam on the first attempt. If a student fails the state exam within three days after scoring 80% on the Guarantee Exam, ExamFX will refund the cost of the material when provided with a copy of the state exam results and access code.

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*From the IIAW’s landing page on the ExamFX site, click ‘Find Training and Register’ in the orange box, then enter "" in email field for special pricing.

For registration questions, please do not hesitate to contact ExamFX at 800-586-2253 or via their live chat link on the website.