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DAIS - Claim Your FREE Digital Storefront

 Technology with How Multiple Portals Connect as One for Insurance

For more information, please contact the IIAW and ask for Matt (matt@iiaw.com) or Evan (evan@iiaw.com)

Contact DAIS Support, Call (773) 353-2268.  M-F 9am - 5 pm CST.

Learn How to Become a Digital Agency in 90 Minutes Webinar

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Your Free Solution for Selling Online

Discover a new way to connect to potential clients and reduce repetitive data entry for new business. This revolutionary technology provides an automated intake that your agents can connect directly to your rating engine, meaning the customer and the agent get quotes lightning fast. Provide an online storefront on your website for future customers to input their data and receive an instant quote with a variety of carriers. The potential client may also inquire about additional quotes/carriers not directly tied to the storefront where you are able to assist with the quoting process and find coverage that meets the clients described needs. This tool is free to Big "I" members.

Increase your digital footprint and become a digital agency of the future
CLAIM YOUR Digital storefront

Are you interested in learning more about the Small Commercial Storefront, but don’t know where to start?
Here is a step-by-step guide to learning more, claiming your storefront and increasing profitability in your small commercial book of business:
Step 1: Watch Webinar
On April 16th at 10AM, IIAW and DAIS walked through the Digital Agency Storefront for all interested agents and show how to become a digital agency.

Step 2: Engage IIAW and DAIS
Still have questions after the webinar? No problem, contact Brian or Jason at DAIS and  Matt or Evan at the IIAW.

Step 3: Claim Your Free Storefront
You're ready! In order to claim your free storefront, follow the link provided to customize your storefront with agency specific information. After you claim your storefront, DAIS will reach out with an end user license agreement and link to test your storefront. This is a new IIAW member benefit.

CLAIM YOUR Storefront

West Bend - "Digital Storefronts Help Independent Insurance Agents Evolve in Minnesota and Wisconsin in Response to the Pandemic"

Storefronts will be created for free on a first-come, first-served basis with the first storefronts coming in March of 2020. Once your storefront is live, you will receive ongoing support and training from DAIS and the IIAW.


Small Commercial Portal Screen Shot

Write New Business Profitably

Automated intake for sales and marketing


Powered by DAIS AI and Inquire, you'll be able to easily intake new customers and reduce time spent entering data.